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Meet Michael, a food enthusiast who was born in Germany but now lives in the United States. With a passion for cooking and trying new foods, Michael and his family enjoy exploring the culinary offerings in their local area and beyond. When he’s not experimenting with new recipes, Michael loves spending time with his family, including their four-year-old son, featured as “The Terrible Sous Chef” and beloved dog, “Pretzel”.

Growing up in Germany, Michael developed an early love for food and cooking. He was introduced to a wide range of cuisines and flavors, from traditional German dishes like schnitzel and sauerkraut into international delights like sushi and curry. This early exposure to different cuisines sparked Michael’s interest in food and cooking, and he continues to explore new flavors and techniques to this day.

After moving to the United States, Michael found that his passion for food only continued to grow. He enjoys visiting local farmers’ markets and specialty food stores, discovering new ingredients and cooking methods along the way. His love for food has also inspired him to start a food blog, where he shares his favorite German recipes, family favorites, cooking tips, and culinary adventures.

When he’s not cooking or blogging, Michael enjoys spending time with his family. They love taking their dog Pretzel for long walks in the park, exploring new hiking trails, and playing in the backyard with their son. Michael finds joy in sharing his love for food and cooking with his family, often involving his son in the kitchen and encouraging him to try new foods.

Michael is a food-loving German-American with a passion for cooking and exploring new flavors. With his furry companion Pretzel by his side and his young son always ready for a taste test, Michael finds joy in sharing his love for food and family with the world.

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