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Located between the Puppenbrunnen, the city hall and the Bahkauv, Aachen Hof square has something to offer for everyone, and is a good place to spend a few hours with its restaurants, bars and cafés. Take a break here, lean back and take it easy, Aachen-style.

The “Hof” was once a Roman bathing and temple district, appreciated by merchants, pilgrims, and bath guests. Today, the Roman portico, together with the interesting historical facades, especially reminds us of the past and gives this special place its charming flair. No wonder that the Hof, with its beautiful shops, cozy cafes, and restaurants, is a popular meeting place for all Öcher and Aachen tourists. This is especially true when it shines as a lively open-air stage during the September Special.

Starting from the Hof, walk down the Medieval-style Körbergasse, past the traditionalist Plum’s Kaffee coffee roasting house and the basket weaver’s “Korb Bayer”, which first opened its doors in 1865, until you reach a symbol of the city: the “Printenmädchen”, or “little gingerbread girl”. Now enter Aachen’s oldest coffee shop, the Alt Aachener Café-Stuben van den Daele, which was founded in 1890. The rooms, which are full of nooks and crannies, and the many stairs in this historic building, give the café its particular charm.

All around the Hof, you’ll find (nearly) everything that your heart desires. Along the Krämerstraße, Körbergasse and Büchel streets, you can buy tea or coffee products, wine, clothes, home furnishings or Aachen specialities such as Aachener Printen, and visit other traditional shops.

Places to relax

Lammerskötter im Hof

Located at one of the most beautiful places, in direct proximity to the cathedral, the café “Lammerskötter im Hof” invites you to linger. Enjoy Italian espresso, homemade ice cream, ice cream cakes, and countless cocoa and coffee variations on their terrace or on one of the three floors.

Café van den Daele

A unique coffee house in the heart of Aachen! Founded in 1890 by Leo van den Daele, you can now enjoy our specialties such as cakes, typical Belgian “fläden”, and the spicy “Printen” according to the recipes of the “Printen Baron” in an exceptional historical ambiance. Start your day with a Belgian breakfast or indulge in a delicious piece of the diverse cake selection,

Places to shop

Korb Mayer - more than baskets

Today, the traditional Körbergasse offers so much more than just baskets and bags. Are you looking for special and beautiful gifts? You’ll find high-quality kitchen utensils made of olive wood, as well as handmade Windmühlen knives from Solingen.

Badger hair shaving brushes, razors, shaving soaps, and also subtle aftershaves and balms for care. Do you need a specific brush? Our extensive brush range is one of Korb Mayer’s strengths. Their handmade hair and body soaps with organic plant oils are invigorating and delicately scented.

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